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Our discovery, the hormone hepatalin, is the missing link to understand, prevent, diagnose, treat, and end type 2 diabetes.

Meet the biggest breakthrough in diabetes since Banting and Best's discovery of insulin over 100 years ago.

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A New Understanding

It’s not just insulin. Hepatalin, a hormone produced by the liver, plays a major role in reducing elevated blood sugar levels.

By advancing the research on hepatalin, we’re changing how type 2 diabetes can be prevented, detected, and treated.

Our research shows type 2 diabetes isn’t a chronic condition: it’s a state of repeated, dangerous, and acute responses that can be prevented and reversed. Hepatalin can help.

Scimar introduces hepatalin: a new perspective on type 2 diabetes and metabolic health from Scimar (Vimeo).

What others say about our science, vision, progress, and potential

When visionaries like Mick Lautt knock on my door we pay attention because we know from our 40-year history that when great thinkers come together to challenge the status quo, that is how innovation happens. In our line of work we’ve seen first-hand how innovation changes lives.
~ Sue Boreskie, Chief Executive Officer, Reh-Fit Centre (Winnipeg)
A lot of factors played into my decision to invest in Scimar. I’m Indigenous and live with type 2 diabetes. So does my mom. I see the impact that the disease has on my community and I believe that Scimar’s science can lead to important solutions and enrich people’s lives. I am impressed by the company’s business model and moved by their commitment to social responsibility.
~ Sam Hofer, Senior Product Manager, Information Technology
Partners like Scimar and its Wellness Transformation Network are going to be critical in ways that we can imagine and in some ways that we can’t even imagine yet. I think that we need the kind of research and clinical trials that Scimar is doing to help us better understand this disease.
~ Kimberley Hanson, Former Executive Director, Diabetes Canada
Scimar is different. They stuck with the science and proved their hypotheses in the lab and were preparing for clinical trials. That’s what struck me. On top of that, they had negotiated good technology transfer agreements and secured the patents on their intellectual property. They were thoughtful and diligent, they were focused on removing risks, and they always knew that to bring hepatalin to the world, they needed to be market-ready. Their approach is impressive.
~ Charles (Chuck) LaFlèche, FCPA, FCMA, President & CEO, Golden Arrow Group; Scimar Investment Consultant

From Lab to Market

Through the lens of hepatalin, we’ve conceived four products designed to enhance human health:

  • SciMar NuPa Daily: A nutraceutical designed to protect the liver’s production of hepatalin.
  • SciMar NuPa Test: A diagnostic meal that measures hepatalin production.
  • SciMar NuPa Renew: A pharmaceutical that stimulates healthy hepatalin production.
  • Hepatalin-S: A synthetic version of hepatalin that can be used alone, or with insulin, to treat type 2 diabetes.