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  • Founded in 2009, Scimar is an established, transformational, Manitoba‑based life sciences company on a mission to change the way the world prevents, detects, and treats type 2 diabetes.
  • At the centre of its work is the cutting-edge research of Dr. W. Wayne Lautt, Professor Emeritus, Pharmacology and Therapeutics, University of Manitoba.
  • In 1996, Dr. Lautt announced two significant discoveries. First: the liver plays a central role in metabolic health, nutrient partitioning, and type 2 diabetes. Second: he discovered a previously unidentified hormone, “hepatalin.” This hormone—known in the academic literature as hepatic insulin-sensitizing substance, or the HISS hormone—is the missing link in medicine’s understanding of type 2 diabetes.
  • Dr. Lautt has published over 60 articles about the science behind the hormone in peer‑reviewed journals.
  • Scimar is currently accelerating Dr. Lautt’s research, running clinical trials, bringing life-changing products to market, engaging investors, and building relationships with wellness-focused non-profit organizations, Indigenous communities, and business partners.
  • No other research group in the world is studying hepatalin. Scimar’s research team has now produced a physical sample of hepatalin is in talks with pharmaceutical companies to scale up.
  • Since early 2021, Scimar has produced podcast called “Inside the Breakthrough,” which has been listened to over half-a-million times. Hosted by Dan Riskin, the podcast shares interesting and unusual stories from science history, and then ties those stories back to the ground-breaking work Scimar is doing in the lab and the community. In 2022, Inside the Breakthrough was nominated for a Webby: the leading international award honouring excellence on the Internet.
  • In late 2021, Scimar opened the Wellness Transformation Network (WTN) in Winnipeg. This dedicated and specialized clinical research space helps Scimar measure the effectiveness of its various lifestyle interventions. In the future, the WTN will host participant groups from non-profit organizations, businesses, and Indigenous communities.
  • Scimar’s research shows there is more to the diabetes story than insulin and that type 2 diabetes is not a chronic condition: it is a state of repeated, dangerous acute responses that can be prevented and reversed. Through the lens of hepatalin, new therapies can offer type 2 diabetics new hope based on this new understanding.
  • Scimar’s science team has determined it is important for hepatalin and insulin to be in healthy balance. Hepatalin, when adequately produced, stimulates the body’s ability to partition glucose into muscle. When the liver does not adequately produce hepatalin, the pancreas produces additional insulin, which causes nutrient energy to be partitioned into fat.
  • Scimar’s work is keenly focused on this process of “Nutrient Partitioning” and on developing a series of “NuPa” products to measure metabolic health and to stimulate the production of hepatalin.
  • Scimar has proven so far that secretion of hepatalin is hindered by stress, a lack of exercise, the consumption of sugar, and other lifestyle factors. Scimar’s goal is to determine ways for the body to always produce the right amount of hepatalin and to keep hepatalin and insulin in a healthy balance.
  • Scientific research suggests that when the right amount of hepatalin is present, nutrient partitioning is in balance, thereby helping people to avoid type 2 diabetes. For those already living with type 2 diabetes, managing hepatalin effectively is expected to help people avoid the disease’s worst impacts.

Our Products

Through the lens of hepatalin, Scimar has conceived of four products designed to enhance human health. Each product is at a different stage of development.

A pouch-like package labelled

SciMar NuPa Test

A diagnostic meal that measures hepatalin production.

Scimar NuPa Test is a diagnostic test meal designed to measure hepatalin production. The test will help warn of the onset of prediabetes and type 2 diabetes years earlier than the oral glucose tolerance test, the current standard for diagnosing type 2 diabetes. A prototype is currently going through phase 2 clinical trials in Canada.

A spread of seven small sachets labelled

SciMar NuPa Daily

A nutraceutical designed to protect the liver’s production of hepatalin.

Scimar NuPa Daily is a nutraceutical antioxidant product designed to boost metabolism, strengthen immunity, improve mood balance, and protect the liver’s production of hepatalin.

A digital rendering of a pill bottle next to two pills are displayed. The pill bottle is labelled

SciMar NuPa Renew

A pharmaceutical that stimulates healthy hepatalin production.

Scimar NuPa Renew is Scimar’s pharmaceutical formulation which, when taken before a meal, will stimulate the healthy production of hepatalin and promote balanced nutrient partitioning. Scimar is preparing Scimar NuPa Renew for Phase 2B clinical trials.

A digital rendering of a hypodermic needle and three small vials are displayed. The vials are labelled


A synthetic version of hepatalin that can be used alone, or with insulin, to treat type 2 diabetes.

Hepatalin-S is the synthetic version of hepatalin. It is envisioned that the synthetic hormone will be used on its own or in combination with insulin for the long-term treatment of type 2 diabetes.

Mick Lautt

Chief Executive Officer, Co-Founder
Co-founded Scimar in 2009 to commercialize Scimar’s discoveries. Seasoned entrepreneur; 25 years in corporate consulting across diverse industries; expert in organizational development, management, leadership, and community outreach.


John West

Chief Development Officer
Joined Scimar in 2015 to develop Scimar’s business plan into a de-risked project plan.
20-year background in strategy: consultant for world’s largest companies in big data, business analytics, e-commerce, software development, supply chain, forecasting, and growth.


Dr. Wayne Lautt

Chief Scientific Officer, Co-Founder
Co-founded Scimar in 2009 to bring his breakthrough discoveries to market.
Professor Emeritus, University of Manitoba; Michael Smith Award-winner in scientific research; and author of 215 peer-reviewed publications.


Allison Barsewsky, CPA

Chief Financial Officer
Financial planning, accounting, tax, and audit experience in public practice since 2013, serving large businesses, start-ups, agricultural producers and non-profits.


“Our scientific team is moving the research forward every day, further validating the science of hepatalin. The path is clear. Scimar is on the brink of changing global health and delivering extraordinary returns for our investors.” 

– Mick Lautt, Chief Executive Officer, Co-Founder, Scimar Ltd.


“I became a scientist because I wanted to make a positive difference in the world. This is a culmination of my life’s work that I know will change the course of human health. I am inspired by the validation and support of the scientific community, and moved by the enthusiasm of investors who want to see this go forward.”

– Dr. W. Wayne Lautt, Chief Scientific Officer, Co-Founder, Scimar Ltd.; Professor Emeritus, Department of Pharmacology and Therapeutics, University of Manitoba

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