Outreach Initiatives

Working together to restore human health

Launched in 2021, the WTN is SciMar’s community outreach initiative that serves as our clinical trials platform. We have partners from industry, the non-profit sector, and the Indigenous community. The WTN is designed to promote healthy lifestyle interventions and measure their effectiveness through the science of hepatalin*. The Wellness Transformation Network is a partner in Diabetes Canada’s Diabetes 360° initiative.


Introducing the Wellness Transformation Network (VIDEO)


Our podcast

In January 2021, SciMar launched the Inside the Breakthrough podcast as a way to share the SciMar story. The podcast shares fascinating historical science stories, with each episode telling a bit more about SciMar’s research journey. In 2020 we reached #1 in Canada on Apple’s science podcast charts and #12 overall. Our host is Dan Riskin, former co-host of Discovery Channel’s Daily Planet and a regular guest of The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. Available wherever you get your favourite podcasts.



*In the academic literature prior to 2021, and in SciMar’s earlier materials, hepatalin was known as hepatic insulin-sensitizing substance (the “HISS” hormone).