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Invest now and join our fight against type 2 diabetes

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“We believe the science of hepatalin will change how the world prevents, detects, and treats type 2 diabetes.”

~ Mick Lautt, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of Scimar

Learn About Scimar’s Mission and Your Opportunity.

Invest in Scimar, You, and the Future 

Meet the Canadian company aiming to shift the paradigm behind how type 2 diabetes is prevented, detected, and treated.

In 1996, Dr. W. Wayne Lautt discovered a previously unidentified hormone called hepatalin. Like insulin, hepatalin is responsible for reducing elevated blood sugar levels. This discovery shows that insulin isn’t working alone. It unveils that the liver plays an important role in type 2 diabetes, metabolic health, and nutrient partitioning.

In 2009, Scimar was founded to take Dr. Lautt’s science to market. Through the lens of hepatalin, Scimar has now conceived four products designed to prevent, diagnose, and treat type 2 diabetes.

With novel science and holistic lifestyle interventions, we plan to end type 2 diabetes.

Investment Highlights

Share Price: $5.50 (USD) – Discounts available using the bonus share program.
Minimum Investment: $99.00 – 18 Shares
Target Raise: $55M –  10M Shares
Share Class: Common Class-A –  Same Class of Common Shares held by Scimar’s Founders

Most adults (18+) are eligible to invest using this Offering.

Accredited Investors are permitted to invest any amount, while the investments of Non-Accredited Investors are limited to the higher of  10% of the investor’s net worth OR 10% of the investor’s annual income.

Canadian investors are subject to additional Provincial eligibility criteria for investments above CAD 10,000.

All shares in this Offering will be purchased using a FINRA-Approved Broker-Dealer. Scimar’s Broker-Dealer is responsible for verifying the identity of each investor and running Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know-your-client (KYC) background screenings on each transaction.

This Offering is available in the USA, Internationally and in most Canadian Provinces (currently unavailable in Québec).

Scimar’s shares are priced in US dollars. International and Canadian investors paying by Credit Card will be charged in USD and will see a foreign exchange rate applied to the transaction by their Bank.

This Offering will end without warning when all shares are sold or when the Offering expires Dec ’24

Over 537 million people live with diabetes.  

 About 90% of all cases are type 2 diabetes. Millions more are pre-diabetic. There hasn’t been a significant advancement in diabetes treatments since the discovery of insulin over 100 years ago. 

Cases of diabetes are steadily growing because medical science only has part of the solution. It’s missing our discovery and application of hepatalin. Disrupting diabetes has a substitutional market size: $966 billion in 2021, $1.03 trillion by 2030. 

* Source: International Diabetes Federation, Diabetes Atlas 2021


Your investment can help end type 2 diabetes

Scimar’s Solution 

Our discovery of the hepatalin hormone is the missing link* in understanding, preventing, diagnosing, treating, and ending type 2 diabetes.

In 1996, our co-founder and Chief Scientific Officer Dr. W. Wayne Lautt announced a significant discovery: there’s more to the diabetes story than insulin. He discovered a previously unidentified hormone called hepatalin.

This hormone — known in the academic literature as hepatic insulin-sensitizing substance, or the HISS hormone — handles excess glucose in the body. This is similar to how insulin acts, except that instead of converting glucose to fat, hepatalin feeds it to your muscles.

Scimar is developing medical interventions based on the science of hepatalin that are designed to prevent, diagnose, and treat type 2 diabetes.

*Note: Canadian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology

Bonus Share Program

Receive free shares based on the total number of shares you purchase throughout this Offering. Bonus shares will be issued based on the following discount tiers:

Total Investment  Bonus Shares Awarded Bonus Shares Value Effective Discount
$9,900 450 $2,475.00 25%
$4,950 180 $990.00 20%
$2,200 70 $385.00 18%
$1,100 30 $165.00 15%
$484 11 $60.50 13%
$110 2 $11.00 10%
$99 0 $0.00 0%

Investments totalling greater than $9,900 will receive 5 bonus shares (a $27.50 value) for each $110 invested, a 25% Effective discount.

Bonus shares will be awarded at the end of the Offering, total investments will be tallied and free shares awarded based on the cumulative number of shares purchased by each investor.

Your investment can help end type 2 diabetes

Our Products

Through the lens of hepatalin, Scimar has conceived four products designed to enhance human health and manage type 2 diabetes. Each product is at a different stage of development.

A pouch-like package labelled

SciMar NuPa Test


NuPa Test is a diagnostic test meal designed to measure hepatalin production. Clinical studies have shown that the test can identify the onset of prediabetes and type 2 diabetes years earlier than the oral glucose tolerance test, the current standard for diagnosing type 2 diabetes. A NuPa Test prototype is going into Phase 2 clinical trials (Canada).


U.S., Canada, Australia, U.K., Germany, France

SciMar NuPa Daily


NuPa Daily is an antioxidant nutraceutical designed to boost metabolism, strengthen immunity, improve mood balance, and protect the liver’s production of hepatalin.


A digital rendering of a pill bottle next to two pills are displayed. The pill bottle is labelled

SciMar NuPa Renew


NuPa Renew is a pharmaceutical designed to stimulate the healthy production of hepatalin and promote balanced nutrient partitioning when take immediately before a meal. Scimar is preparing NuPa Renew for Phase 2B clinical trials.


U.S., Canada, China, Australia, U.K., Germany, France, Japan, New Zealand, Hong Kong
A digital rendering of a hypodermic needle and three small vials are displayed. The vials are labelled



Hepatalin-S is the synthetic version of hepatalin. In the future, this synthetic hormone will be used on its own, or in combination with insulin, to improve the health of people already living with late-stage diabetes.


U.S., Canada, Australia, U.K., Germany, France

Your investment can help end type 2 diabetes

By introducing these products to the world, you can help our objectives:

  • Detect diabetes 10 years sooner than modern diagnostics. 
  • Slow the progression of type 2 diabetes through earlier detection. 
  • Reduce the number of people who become diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.
  • Give people living with type 2 diabetes better treatment options.
  • Reduce reliance on insulin. 
  • Reverse a global healthcare crisis.  
  • Revolutionize how type 2 diabetes is prevented, detected, and treated.
  • Save an estimated fifth of all healthcare costs, and a third of all Medicare costs, in the United States of America.  

Meet the team

  • Mick Lautt
    Chief Executive Officer, Co-Founder
    Read bio
  • Allison Barsewsky, CPA
    Chief Financial Officer
    Read bio
  • Dr. W. Wayne Lautt
    Chief Scientific Officer, Co-Founder
    Read bio
  • John West
    Chief Development Officer
    Read bio

Questions and Knowledge Articles

With Regulation-A, investors are provided audited reports and financial statements that are publicly submitted to the SEC. Regulation-A companies that report publicly are granted access to public investors.

Despite having a public offering, Scimar will remain a private company, which means Scimar’s shares will not be listed on public stock exchanges.  Although there is no guarantee of future liquidity, Regulation-A expands the possible liquidity opportunities, including the possibility of listing shares for sale during a future offering at full price. Scimar’s path to profitability is forecasted to be at least 3 – 7 years. A “buy and hold” investment strategy aligns with Scimar’s long-term approach to maximizing potential investment returns.

The market potential of Scimar is substantial, but conducting the necessary clinical trials requires significant capital. Scimar employs a milestone-based methodology to reward early investors with lower prices and to systematically increase the share price when risks are removed. Regulation-A allows offerings to be paused and reopened with a new share price. This flexibility supports Scimar’s plan to adjust the share price if an upcoming milestone is achieved.

Eligible investors can purchase Scimar shares online. All transactions are managed by Scimar’s Broker-Dealer and Transfer Agent, the Broker-Delaer verifies investment eligibility criteria and the Transfer Agent records the shareholder of each share. Scimar never sees your credit card number, banking information or social security number (SIN, EIN, or Tax ID). 

Purchasing shares only takes 60 seconds, please review Scimar’s investment readiness checklist to ensure a smooth purchasing experience.

Investing in private companies has traditionally been the domain of accredited investors who already possess the wealth and knowledge required to participate in this type of opportunity. Regulation-A opens private-company investment opportunities to a broader investor community.

The common disadvantage of investing in private companies is a lack of liquidity. Investors must plan to hold their shares until a future “liquidity event” such as an IPO or acquisition.  The new rules permit Regulation-A shares to be privately sold (or gifted) to any other adult meeting Scimar’s eligibility requirements. Unrestricted shares present a variety of liquidity opportunities including the possibility to list shares within a future offering at full price.

The positive characteristics of investing in private companies are the opportunity to purchase shares at a low price prior to any potential value-increasing milestones and the possible substantial returns that are only possible with longer-term projects. This differs from the volatility and short-term focus of public markets.

Regulation-A shares are unrestricted and fully transferable, providing shareholders of private companies with a larger audience of eligible investors and a wider range of liquidity options. These options could include:

1) Future Offering(s): Scimar could permit shareholders to list their shares during a future Offering at the full listing price.

2) Privately Arranged Sale: Shares can be sold at any price, or gifted, to any buyer you find who meets the eligibility requirements. The transfer process is free and provides immediate share transfer to the new owner.

3) Standing Offer from Outside Investors: Occasionally, Scimar may find a large investor interested in purchasing shares, potentially at a premium, during periods when the Company isn’t selling shares.

4) Listing Shares on Secondary Markets: After the Offering closes and during periods when the Company isn’t selling shares. Scimar may choose to contract an online alternative trading system to grant shareholders an opportunity to list or auction their shares within the current pool of Scimar shareholders and any outside buyers who meet the eligibility requirements.

5) A Future IPO: Should Scimar decide to go public, your shares would be listed on a stock exchange as part of an Initial Public Offering, transforming your shareholdings into publicly traded stock. Scimar intends to remain a private unlisted company for the foreseeable future.

6) An Acquisition: If Scimar is acquired, shareholders typically will receive a combination of cash and shares of the acquiring company.

*Canadian investors must retain their shareholdings for 12 months in Manitoba and 4 months in most other provinces. Offer unavailable in Québec.

Scimar is a company with a discovery that could change the world for people living with type 2 diabetes. Investors who choose to join our mission should plan for the long journey ahead.

Investment Expectations: Scimar presents a ground-floor investment opportunity with considerable long-term potential. Given the limited liquidity of shares in a private company,  a ‘buy and hold’ investment strategy, aligns with the company’s time for profitability.

Timeline for Profitability: Scimar’s path to profitability targets self-sustainability within three years, driven by sales of NuPa Daily and the North American market entry of NuPa Test. We foresee significant profitability in 7+ years, with revenues from NuPa Renew beginning in North America. Investors are advised to adopt a long-term investment perspective; patience is the strategy we advocate.

Common Share Class: The shares issued in this Offering are the same class of “Common A Class Shares” held by our founders and early equity investors. Common A Class Shares have identical voting rights and equal share of future dividend payments.

Dividend Prospects: Once profitable, Scimar intends to begin sending shareholders regular dividend payments. Scimar’s market potential inspires our team to drive toward a future with significant quarterly dividend payments to shareholders that continue for years or decades under patent protection.

Acquisition Opportunities: Scimar is dedicated to our mission against type 2 diabetes, and we are open to strategic acquisition proposals that align with our core objectives and deliver value to our shareholders.

Investment Vision: Investing in Scimar is an opportunity for those who appreciate high-risk and high-reward opportunities with the potential for significant financial gains and a chance of lasting positive impact on global human health.

Scimar employs a milestone-based methodology to evaluate progress and set share pricing. Share price is based on three factors: the market potential of Scimar’s products, Scimar’s future capital requirements, and the achievement of milestones on Scimar’s pathway to profitability.

Each milestone on Scimar’s journey signifies a specific and predefined risk or obstacle on the path to profitability. Scimar’s corporate timeline shows Scimar’s share price increasing as risks and obstacles were removed.

Timeline of Past Milestones: The Corporate Timeline below illustrates Scimar’s track record of delivering commercial and scientific milestones, reducing risk with Patent protection, and enhancing shareholder value.

Click to enlarge

Current Share Price: Today’s share price, reflects Scimar’s 2021 valuation plus:

Milestone A: Public Offering. Scimar’s Public Offering under Regulation-A is a key milestone. This Offering reduces Scimar’s risk of not raising the required capital, needed to fund the next round of clinical trials. This Offering is accessible to a significantly wider audience of eligible investors with enhanced liquidity options.

Milestone B: Synthetic Hepatalin Candidate. This milestone is an important step in allowing the proteomics team to continue their research, preclinically.

Milestone C: New Patents issued and new patents filed. Patent protection is critical for Scimar’s long-term commercial success.

Current Milestones: Today’s milestones aim to move products through clinical trials and into commercialization phases.

Future Offering Price Strategy: The share price of any potential future Offerings should use the same three factors of market potential, future capital requirements, and status of current milestones. Milestones can help Scimar, and our shareholders focus on the key activities required to reduce risk, increase share value, and progress the company on its path to profitability.

Diabetes Sector: As of 2021, 537 million people were living with diabetes, this figure is projected to rise to 643 million by 20301. Global healthcare expenditure is expected to surpass $1 trillion by 20301.   

NuPa Renew: SciMar NuPa Renew is a pharmaceutical pill, taken before each meal. NuPa Renew is designed to support the body’s natural production of hepatalin during digestion. NuPa Renew is Scimar’s breakthrough drug5, with the potential to deliver superior outcomes, at a lower cost.

Unit Economics NuPa Renew: The estimated costs below are based on Scimar’s experience producing small batches of the drug. When produced at scale, NuPa Renew could be manufactured and distributed profitably for as little as $1.00 a pill. Scimar’s cost estimates are supported by industry average reported COGS and SG&A costs for pharma companies2.

Cost of Goods Sold: Estimated cost per pill: $0.33 – Pharma Industry Average COGS2: 25.7% includes the costs of raw materials, manufacturing, quality control, packaging, and labelling.

Distribution Costs: Estimated cost per pill: $0.33 – Pharma Industry Average SG&A2: 23.9% includes the costs of Shipping, insurance, warehousing, royalties, marketing, and sales.

Frequency of Use: Estimated 1,000 pills per year per patient. A pill with almost every meal.

Example Pricing: Scenarios present profit margins at $1.00, $1.30, and $3.00 per pill.

Example Profit Calculations: assuming 1 million people using NuPa Renew:

Price Per Pill Profit Margin Annual Revenue Annual Profit
$1.00 33% $1B $330M
$1.30 50% $1.3B $650M
$3.00 78% $3B $780M

Comparative Costs: These example annual costs of NuPa Renew represent $1,000 – $3,000 per person. While the average annual direct costs of diabetes in the USA were $12,022 per person, in 20223.

Market Size: in 2021, 246 million people with diabetes1 are in Scimar’s patented regions.

Market Penetration:  Drawing parallels from other breakthrough diabetes drugs like Sitagliptin5, Januvia, or Janumet6, if NuPa Renew could achieve similar market penetration the percentages:

3% of Scimar’s accessible market represents 7.3 million people, after 1 year in the market.

17% of Scimar’s accessible market represents 41.8 million people, after 5 years in the market.

1) IDF 2021 Diabetes Atlas
2) Hardman & CO.’s 2021 Pharma Statistics Report
3) American Diabetes Association
4) McKinsey & Co. Pharma’s first-to-market advantage
5) NIH: Comparing Market Adoption of “Breakthrough” vs. “Me-too” Drugs
6) Morodor Intelligence: Combination Anti-Diabetes Drugs Market Trends

U.S.A. Eligibility Rules – (US SEC Regulation A+ Tier 2):

1) Age and Identification: Investors must be at least 18 years old.

2) Background Screening: All investors will undergo Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Client (KYC) screenings. These automated processes are managed by Scimar’s Registered Broker-Dealer who verifies your identity and confirms your eligibility.

3) Investment Limits: All investors are permitted to invest up to 10% of their annual income -or- 10% of their total net assets.  Accredited Investors are allowed to invest any amount.

Canadian Eligibility Rules – (Canadian National Instrument 45-106F2):

1) The following Rules Apply To: Residents of Canada.

2) Report in Canadian Dollars (CAD): when asked, please report your net worth and annual income in Canadian dollars.

2) All US rules apply: Canadian Investors must follow the U.S. requirements listed (above).

2) Additional Investment Limits set by your Province:

Non-accredited investors may be limited to investments of $10,000 (CAD).
Eligible Investor status is based on province and may be limited to $30,000 (CAD).

based on province

Accredited Investors are allowed to invest any amount.

Canadian Provincial Holding Periods (under 45-106F2):  Canadian investors are subject to a holding or “seasoning” period determined by the commission of their respective province:

12-month hold period: for residents of Manitoba
4-month hold period: for residents of Alberta, British Columbia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Northwest Territories, Nova Scotia, Nunavut, Ontario, Prince Edward Island, Saskatchewan, Québec* Yukon.

*This offer is unavailable in Québec.

New Regulations Enhancing Liquidity Opportunities  

The U.S. SEC drafted new rules increasing liquidity opportunities for Regulation-A shareholders. These regulations permit shareholders to list and possibly sell their shares as part of a future Offering.

The SEC’s rules allow up to 30% of all shares sold in an Offering to originate from current shareholders, presenting potential liquidity opportunities for shareholders during potential future Offerings1.

Please note that Canadian investors must retain their shareholdings for 12 months in Manitoba and 4 months in most other provinces, see provincial securities hold periods2.

1) USA SEC Regulation-A TIER 2 Offerings
2) Canadian Regulation 45-106FS see section 5.2 p.10 -12 

Scimar’s Selling Shareholders

Scimar’s $55M Offering allowed up to $16.5M (30%) of the proceeds to be allocated to Selling Shareholders. In 2023, this liquidity opportunity was presented to Scimar’s 104 shareholders. Out of 104 Scimar shareholders, 27 chose to list 15% of their holdings and 9 decided to list 44% of their holdings.  These listings total a value of $5,927,691 – if all listed shares are successfully sold.

None of the Company’s founders, employees or their family members elected to sell shares.

All internal shareholders are following a long-term investment strategy with the intent of maximizing future returns.

These investor classifications are based on the investor’s self-reported annual income and net assets during the online investment process.

U.S.A. Accredited Investor Criteria: Accredited investors are allowed to invest an unlimited amount in Scimar.

A person with a net worth over $1,000,000, excluding primary residence (individually or with spouse or partner), -OR-
A person with an income over $200,000, -OR-
Combined income of $300,000 (with spouse or partner) in each of the prior two years, and reasonably expects the same for the current year

Canadian Accredited Investor Criteria: Accredited investors are allowed to invest an unlimited amount in Scimar and are defined as:

A person who alone or with a spouse, beneficially owns financial assets having an aggregate realizable value of $1,000,000*, -OR-
An individual with a net income of $200,000* for the last 2 years, -OR-
A combined spousal income of $300,000*.

Canadian Eligible Investor Criteria: Eligible investors are allowed to invest $30,000* or more in Scimar and are defined as:

A person who alone or with a spouse, beneficially owns financial assets having an aggregate realizable value of $400,000*, -OR-
An individual with a net income of $75,000* for the last 2 years, -OR-
A combined spousal income of $125,000*

Canadian non-Accredited: non-Accredited investors could be limited to an investment of $10,000 in Scimar and are defined as a person who doesn’t qualify as either Accredited or Eligible.  based on province.

Click to Enlarge

*Canadian Dollars CAD

Disclosure and Privacy

During the investment process, you’ll be asked to enter your annual income and net worth. This is a mandate from both the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (Regulation-A) and Canadian Securities Regulators (NI-45-106). Please report your income in your local currency. For instance, American residents should report in USD, while Canadian residents should report in CAD during the investment process.

Scimar ensures the utmost privacy and security of your personal information. It is encrypted and securely stored with Scimar’s Broker, Compliance Reviewer, and Transfer Agent, and will be used exclusively for this transaction.

Scimar employs third parties to process payments, protect investor privacy and compartmentalize personal information. Scimar never sees the Investor’s credit card numbers, banking information or social security numbers (SIN, EIN, or Tax IDs).

Scimar’s Payment Portal (“Issuance”) is a technology platform used by the Broker-Dealer to process payment and hold funds while the Broker-Dealer verifies each investor’s identity and eligibility. Issuance uses a “Holding Account” provided by Stripe, Inc., this holding account is inaccessible to all parties until the Investment is cleared by the Broker-Dealer.

199 Water St.
New York, NY 10038

Scimar’s Broker-Dealer (“Texture Capital”) is responsible for verifying the identity and eligibility of Regulation A+ investors. This includes screening each investor through Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Client (KYC) processes using the investor’s ID, Passport, or Social Security Number. Texture Capital confirms that every investor meets the eligibility criteria of their region.

59 Strong Place
Brooklyn, NY. 11231

Scimar’s Transfer Agent (“Vstock Transfer”) is responsible for assigning shares under the name of each shareholder. Scimar’s shares are stored electronically, no paper stock certificates will be issued. Scimar’s Transfer Agent tracks the ownership of every share and facilitates any transfers in share ownership. The selling shareholder is responsible for paying a $35 fee to transfer the shares to a new Shareholder while transferring shares between existing shareholders is free.

18 Lafayette Place
Woodmere, NY 11598
Toll-Free: 855-987-8625

These companies work together to facilitate a systematic investment process designed to protect the privacy and confidentiality of sensitive financial information

The Role of Milestones in Scimar’s Journey

Scimar’s journey is marked by significant milestones, each representing the overcoming of specific risks and challenges. These milestones are not just markers of progress; they are crucial communication tools for Scimar’s executives, allowing them to convey priority risks and strategies to the Board of Directors, shareholders, and employees.

Current Milestones

Milestone A– NuPa Test approval with Health Canada, a clinical trial plan for the FDA.
Milestone B– NuPa Daily clinical trial data supporting new and marketable product claims.
Milestone C– NuPa Renew clinical trial data indicates an acute renewal of hepatalin production.
Milestone D– NuPa Renew trial data strengthen, renew, and extend existing patent portfolio.

 Use of Proceeds

The Use of Proceeds of Scimar’s Regulation A Offering will be used to fund research and development, including the delivery of one or more of the milestones listed above.


Completion of these milestones is anticipated by 2025 or 2026, primarily contingent upon Scimar’s success in capital raising with this Offering.

According to the International Diabetes Federation’s Diabetes Atlas, in 2021, over 246 million people live with diabetes in countries where Scimar holds patents.


Regions of Patent Protection Number of People with Diabetes
USA 32,215,300
Canada 2,974, 000
Australia 1,491, 800
New Zealand 268,700
Japan 11,005,000
China 140,869,600
Hong Kong 686,000
EU Region 61,425,100
Total 246,469,700


Scimar’s Intellectual Property Strategy

1) Filing Protective Patents: Scimar’s approach begins with filing protective patents before clinical trials. This proactive measure safeguards our innovations from the outset.

2) Utilizing Early-Stage Clinical Data: Early clinical trial data informs the development of new patent applications. This stage requires formulated products with more specific labelled claims, replacing previous, broader patents.

3) Tailoring to Demographics and Regions: As we advance, final-stage clinical data informs final-stage patent applications with dosages and indications tailored to the demographics, genetics, and body sizes unique to each country or region. New patents are filed in a sequence designed to maximize the duration of market protection under patent law.

4) Balancing Publication and Protection: Once all patents are filed, Scimar may choose to submit data to scientific journals. This process often requires a year for publication. During this time, we may impose a self-restriction on public disclosure to protect our IP until new patents are awarded and journal articles are published.

Scimar’s journey towards the global diabetes sector is expected to require between $200- $250M over a minimum of seven years to deliver a suite of transformative products to international markets.

Scimar aims to achieve self-sustainability in three to four years, driven by the North American launch of NuPa Test and online sales of NuPa Daily, progressing to substantial profitability in at least seven years as revenues from NuPa Renew begin to materialize.

Cost-Effectiveness in Clinical Trials

Scimar’s approach employs an acute clinical protocol to measure the release of hepatalin during the 90 minutes following the consumption of our NuPa Test meal. Focusing on acute changes in hormonal biomarkers allows timelines of clinical trials to be shortened.

Scimar’s clinical protocols are designed to be concise and statistically powerful; participants are invited to visit our clinic for at least two, two-hour sessions allowing each test subject to participate in both the placebo control group and the NuPa Renew experiment group. This crossover study design yields robust statistical data with fewer participants and is made possible by NuPa Test’s ability to be re-administered within days and the short half-life of the molecules being studied.

Efficient Use of Capital

Scimar’s clinical trials are structured to test multiple products simultaneously. For instance, while evaluating NuPa Daily and NuPa Renew, the protocol also gathers critical data on hepatalin production using NuPa Test. This synergistic approach allows Scimar to extract maximum value from each clinical trial, effectively supporting the commercialization of multiple products within a single budget.

Minimizing Shareholder Dilution

Scimar expects a substantial portion of the company’s capital requirements will come from early product revenues, government grants, development partnerships with pharmaceutical companies or other strategic collaborations. These sources of funding would minimize shareholder dilution.

Planning for Multiple Future Scenarios

Scimar’s strategy is not limited to a single path to profitability. We simultaneously prepare for various outcomes, including out-licensing, selling parts or all of our Intellectual Property, partnering with big pharma, or other strategic collaborations. This approach prepares the Company for potential acquisition while it advances towards self-sustaining revenue and eventual profitability.

The next three years of clinical trials will be critical for either outcome.

Scimar is commercializing four patent-protected product lines. With adequate funding, the company plans to begin generating revenues within the next three years with its first two products, NuPa Daily and NuPa Test. The second two products are candidates to be acquired by third-party pharmaceutical companies, or produced by Scimar, in at least seven years.

The first product, NuPa Daily, has achieved market approval in the United States and Canada, with limited label claims. A pair of clinical trials are scheduled to measure the protective effect of NuPa Daily on hepatalin production with a daily dose of four pills. We plan to sell this product directly online at, with a monthly subscription model. Due to limited supply, only Scimar investors will be allowed to purchase monthly subscriptions of NuPa Daily until clinical trials are completed, allowing for expanded label claims and production capacity.

The second product scheduled to generate revenue within the next three years is NuPa Test. This product has been formulated, manufactured, and already used in two clinical trials. Two additional clinical trials have been approved by regulators and are ready to begin once funding is secured. If approved, this product will be the only test available for measuring hepatalin production and is expected to detect the risk of type 2 diabetes ten years earlier than current screening techniques. Canada’s single-payer healthcare delivers diagnostic tests through regional health authorities and pays for them (remuneration) through centralized drug registries.

The third product, NuPa Renew, is a pharmaceutical pill and has the most potential to be a meaningful revenue generator for the company. In preclinical testing, this pill was shown to reverse the diabetic state in 100% of test subjects. The company intends to use NuPa Test to show the restorative effect of NuPa Renew in a series of clinical trials across a diverse human population. Clinical trials can begin in 18 months and will be completed 18 months later. This data is of critical importance to third-party pharmaceutical companies who are considering making an offer of acquisition or entering into a collaborative research agreement. Either arrangement could be beneficial to the company and its shareholders.

The fourth product is a synthetic version of hepatalin. This is currently in development. This molecule could be injected in combination with insulin, or instead of insulin, for people with late-stage type 2 diabetes. Selling this intellectual property to a third-party pharmaceutical company is one option being considered.

With these four products, the company has multiple options for revenue streams over the next three years, and multiple potential acquisition possibilities and liquidity opportunities for investors within the next seven years. To reduce risk, the company has established manufacturing and distribution options that include partnerships with third-party pharmaceutical companies, as well as innovative direct sales and international distribution channels as viable alternatives.

Investing in Scimar is a streamlined process, to ensure a quick and efficient experience, it helps to be prepared with the necessary information and documents. Here’s what you’ll need for the Broker-Dealer to :

Annual Income and Net Worth Details:  Be ready to state your approximate annual income and your estimated net worth. This disclosure is mandated by the Securities and Exchange Commission as part of Regulation-A.

Investment Limits: For non-accredited investors, investments are limited to 10% of your annual income or net assets, whichever is higher.  Canadians may be limited to $10,000 CAD based on provincial eligibility requirements.

Self-Reporting: Please note that these figures are self-reported, and not independently verified.

Currency: Please report your income in your local currency. For instance, American residents should report in USD, while Canadian residents should report in CAD.

Photo Identification may be Required: Prepare to upload a clear image of your Driver’s License (both front and back sides). Ensure you have these images saved on your computer or phone beforehand for easy access.

Social Insurance or Social Security Number: You may need to provide your Social Insurance Number (SIN) or Social Security Number (SSN) during the process.

Privacy and Security: Your personal information is encrypted and securely shared only with Scimar’s Broker, Compliance Reviewer, and Transfer Agent. Scimar never sees your credit card number, banking information or social security number (SIN, EIN, or Tax ID). 

Your investment can help end type 2 diabetes

Broker-Dealer Disclosure
This offering under Regulation A is being conducted through Texture Capital Inc. (“Texture”), a FINRA member broker-dealer. You can review the background of our broker-dealer and our investment professionals on FINRA’s BrokerCheck here. Texture Capital Inc. is a member of SIPC and explanatory brochures are available upon request by contacting SIPC at (202) 371-8300. Texture is the Broker of Record and Placement Agent for this offering and is not an affiliate of nor connected with the Issuer. Texture conducts Anti-Money Laundering, Identity, and Bad Actor Disqualification reviews of the Issuer and ensures they are a registered business in good standing. Texture should NOT be relied upon to have validated or approved the information provided by the Issuer or the Issuer itself. Texture may direct applicants to specific sections of the Form 1-A to locate information or answers to their inquiry but does not opine or provide guidance on Issuer-related matters. Please review Texture’s Customer Relationship Summary and their Compensation Disclosure.



Offering Disclaimer
This is a High-Risk Investment: this investment involves a high degree of risk. This investment is highly speculative and should be made only by investors who can afford the loss of their entire investment. As with any investment in private securities, there are no guarantees of future performance, return on investment or liquidity.

No Promise of Future Offerings: There is no promise or obligation to conduct a future Regulation-A Offering, Regulation-D Offering, or Public Offering, including an Initial Public Offering (IPO). Any decision regarding future offerings will depend on a multitude of factors, including but not limited to market conditions and the company’s operational and financial performance.

No Guarantee of a Future IPO: The company intends to remain private and unlisted on any public stock exchanges for an indefinite period. Potential investors should not base their investment decisions on the expectation of SciMar LTD.’s future public listing or IPO.

Liquidity Concerns: Investors are warned that they might not be able to convert their investment into cash and that the value of their investment could decrease over time.

Commercialization Risks: SciMar’s path to profitability involves the commercialization of pharmaceutical products, which carries numerous risks that could impact commercial viability. These risks include but are not limited to, industry risks, capital risks, clinical trial risks, business risks, and third-party risks.

Risk of Total Loss: Investment in private securities, including those of SciMar LTD., is highly speculative. There is a risk of losing your entire investment. There is a risk that the company won’t raise the capital required for clinical trials. contribution. This investment should be viewed as long-term in nature, and there is no guarantee of liquidity or the ability to sell your investment in the short term.

Investment Decision: The decision to invest should be based on your due diligence, including a thorough evaluation of the company’s disclosed financial statements, business model, and growth strategy. Potential investors are advised to consult with their financial, legal, and tax advisors before making an investment decision.

Errors and Omissions: We endeavour to provide accurate and up-to-date information, however, there may be inadvertent errors, omissions, or inaccuracies in our communications and disclosures. We do not warrant the accuracy or completeness of the information provided, including information derived from third-party sources.