For Investors

Since launching our seed round in 2018, SciMar Ltd. has attracted over $13 million in private investment from 75+ investors.

A Series A round launched in the summer of 2021, with an eye to accelerating research and clinical trials and supporting subsequent market launches of SciMar NuPa Daily, SciMar’s nutraceutical product (currently available in the U.S.).

SciMar is rallying like-minded investors together to solve a hard problem for the benefit of all humanity.

Based on exploding rates of obesity and type 2 diabetes everywhere, hepatalin* is a multi-billion dollar, world-changing discovery.


  • No other research group in the world is studying the hepatalin hormone discovered by Dr. W. Wayne Lautt. Hepatalin is at the centre of our discoveries.
  • Nearly half a billion people world-wide live with (diagnosed) type 2 diabetes. Many millions more have prediabetes. SciMar’s product suite is poised to make a transformational difference in global health.
  • Our product pipeline is well protected by patents.
  • The SciMar research team is working toward producing enough of a physical sample of pure natural hepatalin to satisfy the terms of any material transfer agreement with a pharmaceutical company. We are less than a gram away.

Series A Round Overview **

Pipeline to market, business plan use of proceeds: $125 million
Capital seeking: $30 million (@ $500 million pre-money valuation)


Raise History **

Public funds, grants, and incubator investments: $17.3 million
Seed round, 2018–2021: $9.5 million @ $90 million pre-money valuation
Bridge round, 2021: $3.5 million in preferred convertible shares


*In the academic literature prior to 2021, and in SciMar’s earlier materials, hepatalin was known as hepatic insulin-sensitizing substance (the “HISS” hormone).

**All funds expressed in Canadian dollars

To discuss investment opportunities with SciMar CEO Mick Lautt, please contact +1 (204) 701-2000 or