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Changing the world

Jul 25, 2019

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Author: Stu Slayen

Scimar investor excited by the potential impact of HISS

Jim and Trudy Steiner: “As a nurse, I saw the impact of diabetes on patients,” says Trudy.

Seven grandchildren. Five acres. Two horses. One grand plan to help improve global health.

These are the numbers on Trudy Steiner’s mind these days after nearly 40 years of crunching the numbers at Steiner Plumbing & Heating, the company she co-owned with her husband, Jim.

In retirement, Steiner tends to her hydrangeas and hostas on her acreage just west of Dauphin, Manitoba; visits her grandchildren in Edmonton, Ottawa, and Dauphin; and takes care of her Appaloosa horses. She also follows the progress of Scimar, in which she invested in 2018.

“When you invest in something, you of course want it to be successful,” says Steiner, a former nurse. “For me, though, it’s bigger than that. I think we have a great opportunity to make a difference for people with type 2 diabetes.”

The Steiners were among the many Dauphinites who invested in Scimar’s seed round. They were attracted by the compelling science behind hepatic insulin-sensitizing substance (HISS) and the potential of the discovery of this hormone to lead to new strategies to prevent, manage, and possibly even reverse type 2 diabetes.

“As a nurse, I saw the impact of diabetes on patients. I understand what is going on in the body of a diabetic,” said Steiner. “We need a better way to manage diabetes to help people live more normal lives. The burden on the health care system is severe. I’m optimistic that we are looking at the solution with Scimar’s work.”

Science aside, Steiner was also inspired to invest by her confidence in Scimar’s Chief Executive Officer, Mick Lautt.

“Mick is very energetic and whatever he does, he does it full tilt, whether in business or with his community service in Dauphin,” says Steiner. “He doesn’t sit back and wait for things to happen. He makes things happen. He’s driven to see this project through, make it work, and make people’s lives better. I’m proud to be a part of this as an investor.

“HISS is such an amazing discovery,” she adds. “We can change the world.”

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