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Drawn by values

Mar 29, 2021

Staff Spotlight

Author: Brina Gervais

New nutraceutical GM aims to make a difference

“Picture a symphony,” says Diane Chia. “A project manager is like its conductor.”

Diane Chia, General Manager of SciMar NuPa Daily: “Helping others is my biggest drive. I have to see my values in a company I work for.”

Chia, who left Taiwan at the age of 12 with a scholarship to study music in New York City, isn’t tutoring cellists these days. But what she brings to Scimar is full of harmony and flow.

As the newest addition to Scimar’s growing team, Chia oversees SciMar NuPa Daily as its General Manager.

“Project managers have to be able see the big picture from 30,000 feet, and I’m good at putting together the pieces,” says Chia. “I’m the central person who links people together, figures out where challenges arise, develops processes, and finds solutions, all to get NuPa Daily into the hands of our customers.”

It’s no small responsibility — not only because NuPa Daily is a revolutionary supplement that supports metabolism, immunity, and mood balance, but also because 100% of the proceeds from sales of NuPa Daily support Scimar’s wellness outreach programs and the company’s ongoing type 2 diabetes research. As Scimar works toward establishing hepatic insulin-sensitizing substance (the HISS hormone) as a new paradigm in diabetes care, the importance of Chia’s role cannot be understated.

“My goal is to drive sales to fund Scimar’s trials and fulfill the company’s mission to support the well-being of more people,” says Chia.

From sponsorship manager, to executive assistant, and government liaison, Chia’s many exciting roles have centred around having a strong ability to manage projects and people with excellence and efficiency. Not only does she get results. She paves the way there.

SciMar NuPa Daily is a powerful nutraceutical to support metabolism, immunity, and mood balance.

“My role at Scimar builds upon all my past experiences, combines them, and adds new things I can learn,” says Chia.

But what drew Chia to Scimar most was what the company stands for.

“As soon as I read the website, the mission statement, I thought: I want to be a part of this. Helping others is my biggest drive. I have to see my values in a company I work for.”

It was a perfect fit. And Scimar thought so, too.

“Reading Dr. Lautt’s work immediately spoke to me,” says Chia, touching on her growing curiosity about insulin’s relationship to the body. “It’s incredibly interesting research that has been developing for years.”

Scimar was founded to further the research efforts of Dr. W. Wayne Lautt. Backed by over 25 years of extensive scientific research, Dr. Lautt’s approach to understanding and treating type 2 diabetes puts the liver and the HISS hormone front and centre.

During his preclinical work, Dr. Lautt discovered that a specific combination of ingredients had enormous protective qualities. And so he developed NuPa Daily as a nutraceutical supplement to protect the production of the HISS hormone and support people’s overall well-being.

With Chia’s help, Scimar will prove just how valuable NuPa Daily really is.

Chia adds that launching a product during a pandemic will set the tone for the future. Not only has Scimar learned how to overcome logistical hurdles caused by COVID-19, its timely introduction to the market has tapped into people’s growing interest in the scientific process and a growing thirst for more knowledge and tools to support their wellness.

Chia says she sees this curiosity reflected in marketing data.

“People are thinking about their health. Eventually, they start searching for information. We have a lot of people reaching out about metabolism, immunity, and mood — and its satisfying to be able to say: ‘We have solutions’.”

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