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Meet Nicole Smith

Jun 13, 2023

Staff Spotlight

Author: Brina Gervais

Scimar’s Senior Business Analyst

Nicole Smith is a Senior Business Analyst with Scimar.

She’s a strategist who determines the best way to do things: from projects, to workflows, and documentations.

Scimar’s Senior Business Analyst, Nicole Smith (left) poses for a photo mid-hike with her husband.

“At the end of the day, everyone just wants to do their job,” says Smith. “It’s interesting how quickly fragmented processes, or a break in the system, can really disrupt what companies are trying to do. When people don’t need to worry about operations, they can focus on what they do best.”

Smith began her career as an administrator in health insurance, eventually becoming an underwriter, before moving on to software. Here, the software industry’s complex and fast-paced work environment is where Smith says she naturally found her footing.

“In software, there’s a lot of moving parts and people, within an industry that ramps up and rolls out quickly. They typically don’t have a dedicated person who can see the whole picture, who can create processes and improve the flow between functional teams. You need to move fast and efficiently.”

Smith began realizing she was developing skills where she could make an impact on a company as whole, finding solutions and preventing problems. The work felt right, but she had a higher calling.

“Coming to Scimar was a breath of fresh air,” says Smith. “A growing company means you’re building processes from scratch. There’s no red tape to cut through. There are no decade-old processes to undo. Everyone’s so accepting and adaptable to change.”

Smith says her initial meeting with Scimar’s leadership team was meant to introduce her to the company, but it left her feeling inspired.

“It just felt like I was meant to be here,” says Smith. “It took me a long time to find where my calling was. And it wasn’t in software. It wasn’t in insurance. Then suddenly, this health angel comes down and says, ‘We’re looking for someone like you,’” she adds with a laugh.

“I was coming full circle. With my background and my education, I have a solid understanding of what Scimar is doing. My role is to be proactive, and so is Scimar’s approach to ending type 2 diabetes.”

As Smith approaches her one-year anniversary with Scimar, she says she feels lucky to be with the company.

“Every day, I’m doing something that helps the company do something even bigger. We’re a very small team, but we all are experts in what we do — all working toward a greater good. I’m very proud to be here.”

Part of that pride comes from working with Scimar’s leadership.

“I have a newfound appreciation for how companies can truly impact their people,” says Smith, speaking to Scimar’s relationship-building with Indigenous communities. “Impact isn’t about making a quick buck, it’s about making real change.”

Smith adds that she never knew what ending type 2 diabetes could look like until joining the company.

“When you actually get in here, you realize how possible it is.”

Nicole Smith’s three sled dogs: Winter, Halo, and Orion.

Outside the office, Smith is an avid camper, hiker, non-fiction reader, and jigsaw puzzler. She also owns three sled dogs (Winter, Halo, and Orion). Superfans may recognize those names from show dog competitions, of which Winter still participates in. Orion and Halo recently retired.

A surprising side to Smith? She also loves glamour. Don’t let her rugged camping weekends fool you: her closet has over 50 pairs of high heels and 60 dresses.

“I love to celebrate life. Anything in life that’s worth celebrating, be it birthdays, anniversaries, promotions, or special moments — let’s get together, be glamorous, and toast to it.”

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