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Scimar unveils its new brand identity

Dec 14, 2022

In the News

Author: Brina Gervais

New logos, fonts, and colours for Scimar and the Wellness Transformation Network

Meet our new look! This week, we unveiled our new logos for Scimar and the Wellness Transformation Network (WTN). Our parent company also has a new stylization, with “Scimar” replacing “SciMar.”

Scimar and the Wellness Transformation Network have a new look and feel.

We wanted visual identities that better reflected our actual identities: something that represented inclusion, innovation, courage, positivity, authenticity, and boldness. Something that captured the excitement behind our journey to end type 2 diabetes. Something that reflected the company we’re becoming.

Our first change was to the logomark (the symbol within the logo). Scimar and the WTN still share the same logomark, but a circle containing three lines now replaces the old diamond split four ways. The new logomark differs only by colour and orientation between the two brands, with the WTN’s version rotated 90 degrees clockwise (see why below).

For Scimar, the new logomark represents and incorporates several themes:

  • The three unique biological signals needed to successfully release hepatalin.
  • A linear, forward-moving flow that represents urgent, aligned action.
  • A round shape that represents our
    • vision for creating meaningful global impact,
    • holistic approach to science and wellness, and
    • commitment to collaboration and inclusivity.

And building on the Scimar logo as foundation, the WTN logomark incorporates:

  • A design twist that represents our innovative approach to wellness.
  • A circle that is a universal symbol used across diverse cultures and communities representing connection, inclusion, equity, and systems thinking.
  • A symbolic waterfall cascading the life force and positive impact of the WTN’s blended approach to treating type 2 diabetes (medical interventions and lifestyle interventions).
The new brand font for Scimar and the Wellness Transformation Network. It will appear in headings and subheadings. The copy you’re reading right now is also a new brand font. It will appear in paragraphs, buttons, and labels.

Our second change was to the brand font, as seen above and in the logos’s text. It displays Scimar’s name in all lowercase, visually equalizing the two shortened words (“Science” and “Market”). It also humanizes the brand while creating a new noun to represent the company.

For the WTN’s logo, the company’s full name (“Wellness Transformation Network”) is spelled out in full to help with brand recognition. But the first three letters of each word are aligned in capitals (“WTN”) to emphasize its often-used initialism.

Our third change was to the brand colours. Scimar now has a deeper navy blue and several secondary colours in its design palette, including white, black, yellow, turquoise, and grey. A coral pink now replaces the WTN’s orange and purple, with white, black, teal, grey, yellow, pink, purple, and blue all added to the secondary and tertiary design palette.

The primary and secondary colour palettes for Scimar (left) and the primary, secondary,
and tertiary colour palettes for the Wellness Transformation Network (right).

We adopted our previous logo (a diamond divided into four segments) when Scimar was focused on furthering its research and strengthening its laboratory operations. The converging diamonds represented the mosaic of science, industry, community, and stakeholders.

Working with the Winnipeg-based design studio, Manoverboard, we’re thrilled about our new brands and what they symbolize.

We’re excited to share these changes with you as we move forward in our fight to end type 2 diabetes.

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