About SciMar

SciMar is an established, transformational, Manitoba‑based life sciences company on a mission to change the way the world prevents, detects, and treats type 2 diabetes. At the centre of its work is the cutting-edge research of Dr. W. Wayne Lautt, Professor Emeritus, Pharmacology and Therapeutics, University of Manitoba.

In 1996, Dr. Lautt announced a significant discovery—the liver plays a central role in metabolic health, nutrient partitioning, and type 2 diabetes.

He discovered a previously unidentified hormone: hepatalin. This hormone—known in the academic literature as hepatic insulin-sensitizing substance, or the HISS hormone—is the missing link in medicine’s understanding of type 2 diabetes, a global scourge affecting nearly half a billion people. Our research shows there is more to the diabetes story than insulin. Dr. Lautt has published over 60 articles about the science behind the hormone in peer‑reviewed journals.

While working as an academic, Dr. Lautt’s pioneering research attracted $17.3 million in academic grants and private/commercial support.

SciMar Ltd. was formed in 2009 to accelerate the research, bring life-changing products to market, and build relationships with wellness-focused non-profit organizations, Indigenous communities, and business partners.

In its seed investment round, SciMar attracted an additional $9.5 million in private capital which funded infrastructure, research, and product prototyping. New rounds of investment are funding the pathway to market including our next stages of product development and clinical trials. As of January 2022, SciMar has raised a total of $13 million in private capital.

Investment opportunities are still available.

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Our Vision

A world where type 2 diabetes—and the conditions that lead to it—can be prevented and reversed through transformative science and by engaging individuals in their own wellness.

Our Mission

  • To change the current paradigm of type 2 diabetes prevention and treatment by introducing hepatalin* to the medical community and to the community at large.
  • To engage communities and individuals to share anonymous health and wellness information.
  • To bring together leading scientists, socially-conscious investors, and passionate health-focused organizations in pursuit of a world free of type 2 diabetes.
  • To act responsibly in pursuit of business success and scientific breakthroughs.

Our Values

Integrity – We temper our excitement about the enormity of our breakthroughs with sharp attention to detail and adherence to best practice in every aspect of our business.
Innovation – Inspired by the original efforts of Dr. Wayne Lautt, we believe in opening our eyes to new discoveries, opening our minds to new ideas, and building a team to seize opportunities.
Collaboration – Success requires communities of like-minded people, businesses, and organizations working together over time in common cause. Collaboration is essential to our business.
Respect – We respect each other, our partners, and the individuals whose lives we touch. Respect is central to how we work together.
Wellness – We promote community, individual, and environmental well-being wherever we operate.

*In the academic literature prior to 2021, and in SciMar’s earlier materials, hepatalin was known as hepatic insulin-sensitizing substance (the “HISS” hormone).