The SciMar Story

Changing the paradigm; changing the world

Dr. Lautt’s work has attracted CAD$14.3 million in grants and corporate support.

In 1996, Dr. Wayne Lautt identified a hormone secreted by the liver during digestion. The hormone is called “hepatic insulin sensitizing substance” or HISS. When HISS is missing, a person will progress from prediabetes to diabetes over time. Dr. Lautt (Professor Emeritus, Department of Pharmacology and Therapeutics at the University of Manitoba) concluded that if we could replace the HISS hormone or stimulate its secretion, we could conquer diabetes while tackling obesity.

This breakthrough is now poised to change the paradigm of diabetes management, which is based on insulin. Dr. Lautt’s work is based on many years of preclinical studies, verification in humans with international collaborators, and a small clinical trial. The science has been published nationally and internationally in 40 peer-reviewed papers. The results have validated Dr. Lautt’s hypothesis and have led to new hope for the prevention of type 2 diabetes.

Dr. Lautt’s work has attracted CAD$14.3 million in grants and corporate support. Operating as a private company called SciMar Ltd. since 2009, Dr. Lautt and his colleagues are moving forward with more advanced clinical testing to meet the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA’s) stringent requirements. In 2018, a seed round of investment attracted CAD$2.8 million of private investment from 29 different investors.

Since the company’s birth in 2009, Dr. Lautt and his team have taken measured steps in the lab to validate the science and develop a product pipeline that meets growing global health needs.

The company now employs a team of 11 scientists, executives, and business development specialists. In October 2018, SciMar established a commercial research laboratory at one of Canada’s leading medical facilities, the Albrechtsen Research Centre at St. Boniface Hospital in Winnipeg. Additionally, SciMar re-branded its product pipeline around Nutrient Partitioning (NuPa), the science of understanding how our bodies metabolize nutrients.

Since 2016, SciMar Ltd. has made remarkable progress scientifically, organizationally, and commercially. The company’s current valuation is CAD$90 million.