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Raise History

Our science has attracted over $30 million from investors, public funds, grants, and incubator investments so far.

Scimar’s operations are supported by our investors. Since launching our seed round in 2018, we’ve attracted over $17.5 million in private investments from more than 93 investors.

In early 2022, we launched our Series A round to build infrastructure, accelerate our research and clinical trials, and support our subsequent market launches of SciMar NuPa Daily: a nutraceutical designed to protect hepatalin production.

  • It’s personal. They know somebody impacted by diabetes and want to be a part of the solution.
  • It’s the science. The data are clear: hepatalin is the missing link.
  • It’s the company. Scimar has a proven track record of success.
  • It’s the approach. We create solutions combining medical and lifestyle interventions.
  • It’s the reasoning. We care about solving the problem, not just selling products.
  • It’s the potential. Our product suite is designed to disrupt a trillion-dollar market.

A graph displays Scimar's raise history. The y-axis lists the "Value of SciMar's Technology in Millions." It ranges from zero dollars to 200 million dollars in Canadian currency. The x-axis lists calendar years, ranging from 1996 to 2022. The value of Scimar's technology steadily grows higher with each passing year.

Public funds, grants, and incubator investments (attracted by Dr. Lautt while working as an academic):$17.3 million
Seed round, 2018:$9.5 million
Bridge round, 2021:$4.5 million in preferred convertible shares
Series A round, 2022:$3.7 million


*All funds expressed in Canadian dollars