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Our discovery of hepatalin is the missing link between understanding, preventing, diagnosing, treating, and ending type 2 diabetes.

Meet the biggest breakthrough in diabetes since Banting and Best's discovery of insulin over 100 years ago.

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A new understanding

It’s not just insulin. Hepatalin, a hormone produced by the liver, plays a major role in reducing elevated blood sugar levels.

By advancing the research on hepatalin, we’re changing how type 2 diabetes can be prevented, detected, and treated.

Our research shows type 2 diabetes isn’t a chronic condition: it’s a state of repeated, dangerous, and acute responses that can be prevented and reversed. Hepatalin can help.

Scimar introduces hepatalin: a new perspective on type 2 diabetes and metabolic health from Scimar (YouTube).

What others say about our science, vision, progress, and potential

As a nurse, I saw the impact of diabetes on patients. I understand what is going on in the body of a diabetic. We need a better way to manage diabetes to help people live more normal lives. The burden on the health care system is severe. I’m optimistic that we are looking at the solution with Scimar’s work.
~ Trudy Steiner, Retired Nurse
When Mick (Lautt, Scimar’s CEO) started telling me about Scimar and what they were doing, I could see that not only was there potential from an investment standpoint, but there was a potential benefit for our own community and the world. An improvement in human health and major steps in the battle against type 2 diabetes would benefit everyone.
~ Terry Cholka, Scimar multi-round investor; Agricultural business leader
I’ve been investing for over 40 years. I always do my homework before I make a decision. When I did my homework on Scimar, I came to understand the enormous market potential and global health benefits of the products Scimar is developing. I trust the CEO and believe that my investment in Scimar will pay off. I rarely use the word ‘excited’, but I am excited.
~ Mel Wyshynski, Former Division President, INCO Ltd.
Speaking for myself, I don’t think our health care system is sustainable for the long term and we know that 60% of chronic diseases are preventable; and we know that healthy people are productive people. What SciMar is doing can have a wide-ranging impact.
~ Sara Jordan, Executive Director, Canadian Mental Health Association (Calgary Region)

From lab to market

Through the lens of hepatalin, we’ve conceived four products designed to enhance human health:

  • SciMar NuPa Daily: A nutraceutical designed to protect the liver’s production of hepatalin.
  • SciMar NuPa Test: A diagnostic meal that measures hepatalin production.
  • SciMar NuPa Renew: A pharmaceutical that stimulates healthy hepatalin production.
  • Hepatalin-S: A synthetic version of hepatalin that can be used alone, or with insulin, to treat type 2 diabetes.