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Dallas Legare

Director of Operations (Laboratory)

Dallas Legare is the Director of Operations for Scimar’s Laboratory. He manages both the lab and its people. He’s an expert problem solver for technically difficult scientific challenges, developing programs and processes to keep the lab running smoothly, on time, and within budget.

In the lab, Dallas ensures his team is equipped with the tools and resources needed to run Scimar’s preclinical research activities. He also oversees all in vivo protocol development and experimental processes, manages the lab’s budget, performs employee evaluations, and keeps the lab compliant with regulatory standards.

Dallas brings several specialist skills to the job, including project management, quality assurance, vivarium experimentation, and technological development. He’s authored or coauthored 55 manuscripts — 26 of which are related to the discovery of hepatalin and the characterizations of its release and action.

He graduated from the Kelsey Institute – Saskatchewan Institute of Applied Sciences and Technology with a Laboratory Technology diploma. In 2008, he was awarded University of Manitoba President’s Award of Excellence, as well as the Sigma XI Research Support Staff Award in 1990.

Prior to Scimar, Dallas sat on several science-focused committees with the University of Manitoba.