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Diane Chia

General Manager, SciMar NuPa Daily

Diane Chia is the General Manager of SciMar NuPa Daily: a nutraceutical produced by Scimar designed to support metabolic health. Diane oversees all operations and planning for this unit.

As a project manager, Diane sees the big picture from 30,000 feet. She links people together, figures out where challenges arise, develops processes, and finds solutions—all to get NuPa Daily into the hands of its customers.

Prior to Scimar, Diane worked many roles centred around having a strong ability to manage projects and people with excellence and efficiency. From a sponsorship manager, to an executive assistant, and government liaison, Diane not only get results: she paves the way there.

Outside work, you’ll find Diane jamming with bands and people, listening to music and diving into its history, broadening her worldview and experiencing new cultures through travel, going for walks to really get to know her environment (and helping it, too!), and clearing her mind after a long day with a full-body Reformer Pilates workout.