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Jeff Blundell

Creative Director

Jeff Blundell is the Creative Director at Scimar.

Throughout his career, Jeff has worked to make science information fun, interesting, accessible, and important to audiences all around the world. He travelled the world as a producer for Discovery Channel’s Daily Planet, working with rocket scientists in Denmark, wildlife conservationists in Siberia, and stunt pilots in Alberta. He also worked with Ontario’s Ministry of Health, creating educational products to fight the growing anti-vaccine movement.

Jeff was a pioneer in the world of Branded Content Podcasts. In 2016, when the genre was still in its infancy, he produced the award-winning series “Decoding Genius” for General Electric. Since then, he has created podcasts for OnStar, Facebook, BMW, and CBS Television. His American history series “Bring Back Bronco” combines the stories of OJ Simpson, Martin Luther King, and Ford’s iconic off-road truck. The result was a smash hit that boosted demand for the 2021 model and changed the way Ford creates content.

As the Creative Director, he leads the team shaping Scimar’s voice, including Inside the Breakthrough, Manitoba Moonshot, and all our social channels.

When he isn’t writing and recording, Jeff is coaching youth baseball and competitively sailing.