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John West

Chief Development Officer

John West is the Chief Development Officer at Scimar.

He builds and develops the company’s ability to raise the capital required to commercialize products. He also creates commercial partnerships and grows brand awareness to strengthen Scimar’s licensing and negotiation position. John works with all stakeholders to define success with measurable outcomes, working collaboratively within each team.

In 2016, John joined Scimar and developed several areas of the company. He developed the company’s intellectual property into an opportunity for investors. He created investor due diligence materials and pitched the opportunity to investors. He developed four business models for four unique product lines. He hired and built teams to manufacture medical products and demonstrate safety, effectiveness, and value with regulatory entities for Scimar’s human clinical trials. And he developed the Wellness Transformation Network: a unique distribution model for delivering novel products, services, and lifestyle interventions across Canada.

Looking forward, John intends to spend the remainder of his career working with great people on solutions of unquestionable value.

Before joining Scimar, John began his career in 1998 as software developer for an ecommerce start-up, which grew to over $1 billion (USD) in online sales that same year. In 2000, he founded a successful software development company that he later sold in 2005. John continued his career as an enterprise software architect, working with some of the world’s largest and most complex corporations to implement a variety of projects, including supply chain modeling, financial forecasting, risk modelling, machine learning, and data warehousing to support executive decision-making at Fortune 100 companies.

In his spare time, you’ll likely find John camping on the side of a mountain with his family, or paragliding high above the mountains with his friends.