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Dr. Randall Scott Gieni

Senior Research Scientist

Dr. Randall Scott Gieni is the Senior Research Scientist at Scimar. His work gets down to the molecular level.

In the lab, Dr. Gieni identifies hepatalin’s molecular identity; synthesizes and characterizes hepatalin candidates; analyzes and interprets liquid-chromatography/mass-spectrometry data; in order to define the mechanisms responsible for nutrient partitioning and increased glucose uptake after a meal. He also develops proteomic workflows and protocols and advises the science team on Scimar’s experimental work.

Dr. Gieni has extensive experience in chromatography, proteomics, and developing in vitro cellular models and assays. He’s also an expert in data analytics, mass spectrometry, and numerous other laboratory practices.

After obtaining his honours bachelor’s degree in Genetics, and doctorate in Immunology from the University of Manitoba, Dr. Gieni completed his postdoctoral fellowship at Stanford University. Here, he developed a new way to cure allergies by using Immunotherapy to influence one’s own immune system. For this contribution to science, he became the first Canadian awarded the title “Fellow of the American Lung Association.”

Dr. Gieni’s research has changed several scientific paradigms throughout his career. His other immunology contributions include answers to how helper T cell subsets trigger distinct immune responses, and how antigen-presenting cells affect those responses. More recently, his work defined a protein found to be overexpressed in almost all types of cancer that both allows cancer cells to grow out of control and protects cancer cell DNA allowing them to survive traditional cancer treatments.

In his spare time, you’ll likely find Dr. Gieni keeping active or spending time outdoors, either hiking, fishing, camping, at the cabin, or taking photos of landscapes, nature, and the night sky.