I found Dr. Lautt’s early research relating to the putative HISS hormone* very interesting and was able to replicate some of his results related to muscle insulin resistance. With rates of type 2 diabetes growing worldwide, we need to look outside the box for more effective solutions. Dr. Lautt’s work is an intriguing novel approach and I look forward to his next round of research data.

Alan Cherrington

PhD Professor of Molecular Physiology & Biophysics, Vanderbilt University School of Medicine – Basic Sciences; Former President, American Diabetes Association

Partners like SciMar and its Wellness Transformation Network are going to be critical in ways that we can imagine and in some ways that we can’t even imagine yet. I think that we need the kind of research and clinical trials that SciMar is doing to help us better understand this disease.

Kimberley Hanson

Executive Director, Diabetes Canada

Type 2 diabetes has an enormous impact on patients and their families, not to mention health care policy and funding. The disease presents an enormous social burden and I am happy to see that a new paradigm in managing it might be on the horizon. I trust the SciMar team and am impressed by the science. Most important, I’m excited about the impact we could have.

Dr. Scott Kish

Manitoba Family Physician of the Year Award (2018)

When we met with Mick Lautt (SciMar’s CEO), we learned about SciMar’s science and about the investment opportunity. We paid attention. From a health perspective, we are eager for a new approach, a new direction. We need better outcomes for people who have this disease and we need better strategies and tools for preventing the disease in the first place. SciMar really impressed us from a health perspective. It also impressed us as an investment.

Chief Marcel Moody

Nisichawayasihk Cree Nation

The opportunity to be part of this exciting venture and positively impact the lives of an incredibly large number of people is intensely satisfying and I am honoured to play a role by investing in this ethical company. There are also fascinating possibilities for agriculture and for the health of the commercial food chain.

Dr. Roxane Neufeld

Past-President, Manitoba Veterinary Medical Association, SciMar Investor

When we invest in a business, we absolutely look for opportunities that are shaped by social purpose, but we also want to see a good return. What is so appealing about SciMar is that they are far down the road in their development. The research they are doing on HISS (hepatic insulin-sensitizing substance) goes back over 20 years and has been validated along the way. From an investment perspective, that is very compelling. We have a pretty significant level of confidence in their people and their ability to deliver.

Dave Angus

President, Johnston Group

A lot of factors played into my decision to invest in SciMar. I’m Indigenous and live with type 2 diabetes. So does my mom. I see the impact that the disease has on my community and I believe that SciMar’s science can lead to important solutions and enrich people’s lives. I am impressed by the company’s business model and moved by their commitment to social responsibility.

Sam Hofer

Senior Product Manager, Information Technology

Dr. Lautt’s work is steeped in innovation, passion, and excellent science. I am proud to serve on SciMar’s Advisory Board. I fully expect that this work will save lives and alter global health policy and practice.

Dr. Jon Gerrard

Former Federal Minister of Science and Technology; Member of Legislative Assembly (Manitoba)

When visionaries like Mick Lautt knock on my door we pay attention because we know from our 40-year history that when great thinkers come together to challenge the status quo, that is how innovation happens. In our line of work we’ve seen first-hand how innovation changes lives.

Sue Boreskie

Chief Executive Officer, Reh-Fit Centre (Winnipeg)

I believe SciMar is on the brink of the discoveries that the world has been waiting for—discoveries that will benefit our communities, our families, and ourselves.

Dr. Bram Ramjiawan

Director of Research, Asper Clinical Research Institute, St. Boniface Hospital; Director of Research, Innovation and Regulatory Affairs; Adjunct Professor, Department of Pharmacology and Therapeutics, Faculty of Medicine, University of Manitoba

“At Youville, we’re on the front lines of community health and we see the devastating impacts of type 2 diabetes up close. As a WTN (Wellness Transformation Network) Partner, we’re excited to work with other Partners to advance some very important science and make an even greater difference in people’s lives.”

Toni Tilston-Jones

Executive Director, Youville (Winnipeg), SciMar Diversity Consultant

Speaking for myself, I don’t think our health care system is sustainable for the long term and we know that 60% of chronic diseases are preventable; and we know that healthy people are productive people. What SciMar is doing can have a wide-ranging impact.

Sara Jordan

Executive Director, Canadian Mental Health Association (Calgary Region)

I’ve been investing for over 40 years. I always do my homework before I make a decision. When I did my homework on SciMar, I came to understand the enormous market potential and global health benefits of the products SciMar is developing. I trust the CEO and believe that my investment in SciMar will pay off. I rarely use the word ‘excited’, but I am excited.

Mel Wyshynski

Former Division President, INCO Ltd.

SciMar is different. They stuck with the science and proved their hypotheses in the lab and were preparing for clinical trials. That’s what struck me. On top of that, they had negotiated good technology transfer agreements and secured the patents on their intellectual property. They were thoughtful and diligent, they were focused on removing risks, and they always knew that to bring hepatic insulin-sensitizing substance (the HISS hormone) to the world, they needed to be market-ready. Their approach is impressive.

Charles (Chuck) LaFlèche, FCPA, FCMA

President & CEO, Golden Arrow Group; SciMar Investment Consultant

When Mick (Lautt, SciMar’s CEO) started telling me about SciMar and what they were doing, I could see that not only was there potential from an investment standpoint, but there was a potential benefit for our own community and the world. An improvement in human health and major steps in the battle against type 2 diabetes would benefit everyone.

Terry Cholka

As a nurse, I saw the impact of diabetes on patients. I understand what is going on in the body of a diabetic. We need a better way to manage diabetes to help people live more normal lives. The burden on the health care system is severe. I’m optimistic that we are looking at the solution with SciMar’s work.

Trudy Steiner

*In the academic literature prior to 2021, and in SciMar’s earlier materials, hepatalin was known as hepatic insulin-sensitizing substance (the “HISS” hormone).