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Your investment could end type 2 diabetes.

Your investment could end type 2 diabetes.

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We're a biotech company based in Manitoba that is changing how the world prevents, detects, and treats type 2 diabetes.

A Ground-Breaking Discovery

In 1996, Dr. Wayne Lautt announced a significant discovery: there’s more to the diabetes story than insulin. He discovered a previously unidentified hormone called hepatalin (“hepata-lin”).

This hormone — known in the academic literature as hepatic insulin-sensitizing substance, or the HISS hormone — is the missing link in medicine’s understanding of type 2 diabetes, metabolic health, and nutrient partitioning. We believe hepatalin can change how the world prevents, detects, and treats type 2 diabetes.

The Facts

Worldwide, cases of diabetes are steadily growing because current medical science only has part of the solution.

  • 537M people living with diabetes
  • 90% of all cases are type 2
  • Millions more are pre-diabetic
643 million people are projected to develop diabetes by 2030

Scimar Innovations and Initiatives

From outreach initiatives, to innovative products, and a Webby-nominated podcast that talks about it all, we’re tackling type 2 diabetes in a whole new way.

A patient and his doctor are having a conservation inside a clinical room at the Wellness Transformation Network

We’ve partnered with non-profits, industries, and Indigenous communities to build an outreach initiative that will serve as our clinical trials platform. Collaboration is key.

Two packages of SciMar NuPa Daily are displayed next to four NuPa Daily pills

To wholly support your metabolic health, we’ve leveraged our scientific research to develop a morning antioxidant. It’s designed to boost metabolism, strengthen immunity, improve mood balance, and protect the liver’s production of hepatalin.

Dan Riskin, host of Inside the Breakthrough, poises with a contemplative look on his face.

See into the scientific breakthroughs that changed the world. In this podcast, hosted by Dan Riskin of Daily Planet, we compare the modern work we’re doing at Scimar with interesting and unusual stories from science history.

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Wayne Lautt Lab

"Join us in our mission to end type 2 diabetes."

~ Dr. Wayne Lautt, Chief Scientific Officer

Traditional Territories Acknowledgement

Scimar’s corporate head office is located in Dauphin, Manitoba. Its laboratory is located at the Albrechtsen Research Centre at St. Boniface Hospital in Winnipeg. Scimar Ltd. and the Wellness Transformation Network operate throughout Manitoba on the traditional territories of the Anishinaabe, Cree, Oji-Cree, Dakota, and Dene nations, and the heartland of the Métis people.

We acknowledge that Winnipeg’s water is sourced from Shoal Lake 40 First Nation. Our research facilities are located on Treaty 1 territory and our head office is located on Treaty 2 territory.

Our work also extends throughout the territories of Treaties 3, 4, and 5. We acknowledge the Treaties made on these territories and we dedicate ourselves to moving forward collaboratively with

Indigenous communities in the spirit of truth and reconciliation.